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Muquans is a spin-off from Institut d’Optique and Observatoire de Paris, where the core technology of our products has been developed for more than 15 years.
The company was created by a team composed of 3 PhDs in quantum physics:


Arnaud Landragin, senior scientist at CNRS and scientific advisor for Muquans. He has been heading the research group “atomic interferometry and inertial sensors” at SYRTE since 2002.

Bruno Desruelle
, CEO of Muquans. He held various positions in the industry where he acquired a solid experience in the development of high-technology optical solutions. He then joined the french Ministry of Defence and spent 7 years as program manager at the Office for Advanced Research and Innovation.

Philippe Bouyer
, senior scientist at CNRS and scientific advisor for Muquans. He has been in charge of the group “coherent sources for atom optics” at Institut d’Optique since 1997. He was appointed director of the newly created LP2N in Bordeaux in 2011.

Muquans has put together a unique team composed of highly skilled R&D engineers, covering various areas of expertise. Our company has rapidly developed its capacity to fully integrate the technologies developed at SYRTE and LP2N, and take full benefit from the technology transfer program conducted with its academic partners. Muquans has therefore started to build its core competences, which are based in a unique technological expertise in:
system design/integration, combining deep knowledge in quantum mechanics and rigorous design methodology;
several key areas critical for our activities: laser stabilization, low-noise electronics, agile microwave synthesis, ultra-high vacuum, optomechanics and real-time software.


Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine - Rue François Mitterrand - 33400 Talence - FRANCE
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